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Books - Dark Currents

Dark Currents

by Nina Allan, Aliette de Bodard, Finn Clarke, Emma Coleman, Jan Edwards, Andrew Hook, V.C. Linde, Sophia McDougall, Adam Nevill, Rebecca Rajendra, Una McCormack, Rod Rees, Tricia Sullivan, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Lavie Tidhar, Neil Williamson

A dazzling blend of science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy and horror: a set of stories that traverses genre boundaries, linked only by their common inspiration. Contributors were given just those two words: ‘Dark Currents’ and then asked to let their imaginations run wild… From haunted seascapes to distant starscapes, from reality-hopping soldiers to naval battles in the aether, from the deeply poignant to the breathlessly exciting… immerse yourself in deep Dark Currents.


1.       Introduction by Ian Whates

2.       The Fall of Lady Sealight – Adrian Tchaikovsky

3.       The Age of Entitlement – Adam Nevill

4.       Electrify Me – Tricia Sullivan

5.       Alternate Currents – Rod Rees

6.       The Barricade – Nina Allan

7.       Things that Are Here Now – Andrew Hook

8.       Loose Connections – Finn Clarke

9.       Sleepless in R’lyeh – Lavie Tidhar

10.    Damnation Seize my Soul – Jan Edwards

11.    Home – Emma Coleman

12.    A Change in the Weather – Rebecca J Payne

13.    Bells Ringing Under the Sea – Sophia McDougall

14.    In Tauris – Una McCormack

15.    Lost Sheep – Neil Williamson

16.    The Bleeding Man – Aliette de Bodard

17.    George – V.C. Linde

Published: 30/04/2012
Cat. Number: NCP45
Pages: 272 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-907069-35-2
Editor: Ian Whates
Cover Artist: Ben Baldwin
Typesetter: Ian Whates
Language: English

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