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Celebrity Werewolf

by Andrew Wallace

Sally Wisniewski (21) was jogging in a park in Kent when she was attacked by John Fonting (37), who had been stalking her for a year. Fonting was interrupted in his attempts to rip off Wisniewski’s clothes by ‘this massive grey thing that was like a gorilla, but taller and more pointy’. The creature hurled Fonting against a tree, incapacitating him.

Ms Wisniewski said of her rescuer, “His voice was very deep and posh, and his eyes were sad and kind of lovely.”

Fonting, released on bail, said: “Frankly I think immigration is totally out of control if they’re letting werewolves in. I mean, how’s he going to get a job?”

Suave, sophisticated, erudite and charming, Gig Danvers seems too good to be true. He appears from nowhere and sets about promoting humanitarian causes and revolutionising science, using his growing influence for the good of all humankind; but are the cynics right to be cautious? Is there a darker side to this enigmatic benefactor? One that is more in keeping with his status as the CELEBRITY WEREWOLF?

Andrew Wallace masterfully blends horror with high concept science fiction, in a short novel of first contact that is both moving and funny, yet plumbs the darkness of the human soul. The result is a story of surprises, wonder, and of hope.

“Fang-sharp science fiction: witty, readable and simply bristling with lupine splendour.” – Adam Roberts, author of Jack Glass  

“Droll, and very funny in places... I enjoyed this a lot.” – Dave Hutchinson, author of Europe At Midnight.

"This may be the best werewolf-themed beach reading material you're ever going to find." – LibraryThing reviewer

"Celebrity Werewolf was a real joy to read and, much like Gig himself, suave, sophisticated, erudite and charming." – Booklore.co.uk

"With a jumping, twisting plot, Celebrity Werewolf is a must-read for anyone who wants to adventure into the strange unknown, who enjoys their humour dark and their SF hard." – Amazon reviewer

"A gripping read and difficult to put down... Recommended." – SFCrowsnest

Available as a Kindle, an A5 paperback and a special numbered hardback edition, signed by the author and limited to just 50 copies.

Now also available as an Audiobook, narrated by the author
£10.99 (Paperback)
£19.99 (Signed HB LTD ED)
Published: 08/04/2019
Cat. Number: NCP183
Dimensions: A5 (5.83 × 8.27 inches)
Pages: 180 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-910935-99-6
Cover Artist: Ian Whates
Typesetter: Ian Whates
Language: English
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£10.99 (Paperback)

£19.99 (Signed HB LTD ED)

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