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Books - Blood and Blade Slipcase Set

Blood and Blade Slipcase Set

Novella Set 6

by Edward Cox, Gaie Sebold, Gavin G. Smith, Kari Sperring


A Limited Edition Slipcase Set (each slipcase lettered) containing signed hardbacks of the four independent novellas that comprise the 'Blood and Blade' quartet: four tales of epic fantasy and high adventures condensed into four novellas written by master storytellers.

The Bone Shaker – Edward Cox
A Hazardous Engagement – Gaie Sebold
Serpent Rose – Kari Sperring
Chivalry – Gavin G. Smith

The Bone Shaker - Edward Cox
In the heart of the Great Forest, Sir Vladisal and her Knights of Boska are lost and far from home. The son of their Duchess has been kidnapped, spirited away to a nameless place within these dark and endless woodlands. Vladisal is his only hope, but an evil has come to the Great Forest, an evil that is corrupting the trees with demons born from ancient magic. If Vladisal is to save her Duchess’ son, if he and the women of Boska are to live through the horrors of the Great Forest, then she must place her trust in Abildan the assassin. But Abildan hails from an age-old enemy, and she once served the very evil they all must fight to survive.

A Hazardous Engagement - Gaie Sebold
Madis Defranthea’s brother presents her with a challenge.  If she wants to join his gang of thieves, she and her team have to steal a magical belt that’s locked to the waist of a bride, on her wedding night, in a fortified castle, on a rock in the middle of the sea. Madis takes him up on it. But when she discovers just how much her brother didn’t know, the job proves even more hazardous than she bargained for... A thrilling adventure featuring magic, automata, snobbery, small gods, large fish,  a useful corpse and an unnervingly intelligent horse.

Serpent Rose - Kari Sperring
There are four sons of Lot at King Arthur's court and Sir Gaheris knows himself to be the least of them. Yet the charismatic and headstrong young knight Sir Lamorak looks up to him, despite more obvious choices, and when Lamorak catches his mother’s eye, Gaheris knows there’s trouble brewing. Soon he finds himself at the centre of family tensions, deceit and tragedy. Can he prevent the bloodshed that seems inevitable? Kari, Sperring, the award-winning author of Living With Ghosts and The Grass King’s Concubine, delivers a powerful Arthurian tale of passion and intrigue.

Chivalry - Gavin G. Smith
When Sir Thornto Jeness follows his chivalric hero, Lord Philippe Duranton, to war, he soon discovers that heroes are often better worshipped from afar.  Betrayed, badly injured, left for dead, Sir Thornto is nursed back to half-life by Gritcham, a ghoul necromancer. Joining forces with Cross, a taciturn professional murderess, he returns to the war, determined to set the record straight.Chivalry is a grim and gritty tale of revenge, with a cast of scheming nobles, brutal mercenaries, violent criminals and wielders of inhuman dark magic.

A slipcase set limited to just 40 lettered cases, containing hardback editions of the four component novellas, each signed by the respective author.
Was £85 (Case Bound Hardcover) Now £45
Published: 26/11/2019
Pages: 392 pp.
Cover Artist: Duncan Kay
Typesetter: Ian Whates
Language: English
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Was £85 (Case Bound Hardcover) Now £45

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