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Books - NP Novella Bundle 1

NP Novella Bundle 1

by Emma Coleman, Paul Di Filippo, Tim Major

The first three books in our new standalone novella series, available as a discounted bundle, saving both on the cover price and on shipping costs. Features:

Universal Language (The Airlocked Room Mystery) - Tim Major
An intriguing murder mystery that pays homage to Asimovís seminal robot stories and also to the classic detective tale. Investigator Abbey Oma is dispatched to a remote and failing Martian colony tasked with solving the murder of scientist Jerem Ferrer, which took place in an airlock-sealed lab, and the only possible culprit is a robot incapable of harming humans... 

Worldshifter - Paul Di Filippo
A high-octane tale reminiscent of Jack Vance at his best in its sweep and imagination, but wholly Di Filippo in its execution. Klom, who works in the salvage yards on the planet Asperna as a shipbreaker, is forced into a desperate chase across the stars, encountering many colourful worlds and cultures, as the most powerful beings in the galaxy hunt him down and vie for the secrets he has unwittingly discovered.

May Day - Emma Coleman
May was just seventeen when the factory went up, rendering her an orphan and forcing her to move in with her father's sister. May continues to practice the superstitions her mum has drummed into her. Until the one time she doesnít; at which point something dark and deadly arises and proceeds to invade her life, determined to claim her as its own...

Available as three paperbacks, or three limited edition hardbacks, each signed by the book's author.
Was £29.97 (Paperback) Now £25
Was £59.97 (Signed HB LTD ED) Now £49.99
Published: 06/05/2021
Dimensions: A5 (5.83 ◊ 8.27 inches)
Pages: 395 pp.
Cover Artist: Ian Whates
Typesetter: Ian Whates
Language: English
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Was £29.97 (Paperback) Now £25

Was £59.97 (Signed HB LTD ED) Now £49.99

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