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Books - Stories from the Northern Road

Stories from the Northern Road

Imaginings 3

by Tony Ballantyne
The first ever collection from one of the UK’s finest SF authors: Tony Ballantyne, who has been a finalist for the Philip K Dick award and whose short fiction has featured regularly in Years Best SF anthologies. The book features a quartet of brand new stories set on the world of Penrose (introduced in the novels Twisted Metal and Blood and Iron); these tales combine to provide Penrose’s robot denizens with their very own creation myth. They are joined by five stories set in the Recursion universe, one of which is wholly original to the collection. Stories from the Northern Road: Tony Ballantyne at his very best.

1. Introduction
Stories from the Northern Road
 2. A Note from the Author
 3. Four Blind Horses
 4. Janet Verdigris
 5. Isabel and the Outlandish Robots
 6. The Robot Behind Me
Recursive Tales
 8. Restoring the Balance 1
 9. Restoring the Balance 2
 10. Seeds
 11. The Sixth VNM

Released September 2012, as a Signed Hardback Edition, limited to 125 copies

Published: 30/09/2012
Pages: 176 pp.
Cover Artist: Fangorn
Language: English

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