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Books - Novella Set 8: Steampunk

Novella Set 8: Steampunk

by Fabio Fernandes, Paul Di Filippo, George Mann, Juliet E. McKenna

A Limited Edition Slipcase Set (each slipcase lettered) containing signed hardbacks of the four independent novellas that comprise the Steampunk' quartet: four tales of high octane Steampunk adventure squeezed into four novellas written by master storytellers.

Under Pressure - Fabio Fernandes

As an Oneironaut and agent of the Fellowship, January Purcell is used to danger and thinking on her feet, having faced threats up and down the timeline and in various realities. Nothing, however, could have prepared her for the extremes demanded by this latest mission, which sees her accompany Dr Robert Jones and his colleagues on a journey from the heart of Victorian London to Iceland, following in the footsteps of Professor Lidenbrock and the alchemist (and, it turns out, fellow Oneironaut) Arne Saknussemm.

As she descends into the extinct volcano Snæfellsjökull, little does January realise that this is all merely a prelude to a long-planned invasion from Earth’s near neighbour, Mars…

The Golden Rule - Juliet E. McKenna

It is the summer of 1887 and everyone is looking forward to Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. Young police constable David Price’s greatest concern is how much drunken disorder he and his colleagues will have to deal with. This changes when he is part of a force sent to a Lascar hostel on the docks to break up a disturbance. The constables arrive to find that trouble hasn’t even started. Close to the scene, David discovers an intricate mechanical rat, which is taken from him by a mysterious woman. He discovers she is a socialite, a friend of the royal family, and the eldest daughter of an Indian rajah. Tracking the princess down to her Richmond home provides the young officer with some answers. Many more questions arise. He finds himself embroiled in a deadly plot to raise racial tensions, set to culminate in a major incident that will rock the capital. Worse, David realises some of his own colleagues are involved. He has no idea who he can trust…

The London Particular - George Mann

When Sir Maurice Newbury, gentleman investigator for the Crown, and his close friend and assistant Miss Veronica Hobbes accompany Sir Charles Bainbridge, Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard, to a society party at the home of the enigmatic Greyson Fairfax, none of them have any idea of the danger they are walking into. When one of the guests is found dismembered in the grounds, disquiet turns to panic. Thick fog hems them in, and some sort of mechanical monster prowls the night. The house is sealed, with the so-efficient servants insistent that no one should leave. Can Newbury and Hobbes get to the bottom of what’s going on before it’s too late for all of them?

The Visionary Pageant - Paul Di Filippo

Sophronia Tempest struggles to be taken seriously in her chosen career as a journalist. It is when she and her boyfriend, the eminently suitable Arthur Botwink, attend a meeting of a supposed sect, the Starry Sodality, that things start to spiral out of control. Before she knows it, Sophronia, Arthur, and the irascible Reuben Standeven – a fellow journalist, who keeps getting the assignments she deserves – are caught up in far-reaching events beyond their imagining. They find themselves in another world and are party to a fiendish scheme that seems set to come to a head on the day of the big parade to celebrate 250 years since the founding of Providence. Unless, that is, they can stop it. But how is Sophronia’s mentor, the celebrated academic Professor Aurion Charnley, involved? And where do all the cats keep disappearing to?

Limited to just 50 lettered copies.


£95 (Case Bound Hardcover)
Published: 25/10/2022
Dimensions: A5 (5.83 × 8.27 inches)
Pages: 400 pp.
Editor: Ian Whates
Cover Artist: Justin Tan
Language: English
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£95 (Case Bound Hardcover)

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