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Objects in Dreams

Imaginings 4

by Lisa Tuttle
Lisa Tuttle’s stories examine the nuances of relationship and family dynamics. Her work has been commended by such contemporaries as Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin, Michael Moorcock, Kelley Armstrong, Robert Holdstock and Dean R. Koontz. She is a winner of both the John W Campbell Award (1974) and the 1989 BSFA Award for best short story. In 1982 she was also awarded a Nebula, which she refused on a point of principle. Drawing largely on her output over the past decade, Objects in Dreams is Lisa at her best; a stunning collection of tales that switch effortlessly between SF, dark fantasy, and horror. 

1. Introduction
2. Objects in Dreams May be Closer than they Appear
3. Old Mr. Boudreaux
4. A Cold Dish
5. Ragged Claws
6. In Translation
7. The Man in the Ditch
8. Shelf-Life
9. Paul’s Mother
10. Closet Dreams

Released December 2012, as a Signed Limited Edition Hardback of just 125 copies.

Endorsements of Lisa’s work:

“Lisa Tuttle remains our preeminent chronicler of family madness and desire.” – Neil Gaiman

“Whether fantasy or science fiction, Tuttle’s stories generally centre on derangements within family units. Her touch is deft, chilly, exact.” – John Clute

“Lisa Tuttle never disappoints… Richly imagined and beautifully written, it lingers in the mind long after the last page is turned.” – George R.R. Martin

“Lisa Tuttle is a subtle and clever writer whose fantasy deals with the world we all believe we have sensed from time to time out of the corners of our eyes. It will make the hairs stand up on the back of your head.” – Michael Moorcock

“A magical blend of mystery, folklore and first-rate storytelling...” – Kelley Armstrong

“Tuttle writes lyrical fantasies that haunt the borders of myth and horror, combining an eye for everyday minutiae with a fantasist's ability to create the magical.” – The Guardian

“Tuttle writes well and knows just how to push the gooseflesh button. I’d say more, but it’s difficult to type while trembling under the bedclothes.” – David Langford

“This John W. Campbell Award-winning author remains one of fantasy's best.” – Publisher's Weekly

“A stylish, distinctive storyteller” – Washington Post Book World

Published: 15/12/2012
Pages: 160 pp.
Cover Artist: John Kaiine
Language: English

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