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Books - NewCon Novella Set 7: Robot Dreams

NewCon Novella Set 7: Robot Dreams

by Andrew Bannister, Justina Robson, Tom Toner, Ren Warom
What do Robots dream of?

Four leading science fiction authors explore this question in four stand-alone novellas, united only by the theme and conjoining cover art. Four Signed Limited Edition Hardbacks

1. According to Kovac - Andrew Bannister
Andrew Bannister introduces us to Kovac, an agent of the Mandate, assigned to a world whose inhabitants have no idea that their whole society is an experiment. When a young pregnant woman turns up at his door fearing for her life, Kovac is drawn into deadly intrigues that soon make it apparent there are agencies at work on the world that have no right being there...

2. Deep Learning - Rem Warom
Unit 5709 is a success a new high-line model of robot that works precisely as intended. The military are thrilled and 5709 is soon deployed on the battle field. But all is not as it seems; the robot prefers to be called 'Niner' and is unique, working only because of an undetected glitch. We follow Niner through multiple lives, from military killing machine to body double, from a lady's companion and jailor to scrap dealer. Society changes around it, as Niner finally comes to terms with its nature and its place in the world.

3. Paper Hearts - Justina Robson
Are humans to be trusted with the important things? If an AI really cared about humanity, would it be willing to sit back and watch us bumble along or would it step in to help us, to make things better? Despite the best of intentions, could such intervention ever work? After all, we humans are flawed, limited by our vision and by the dictates of the society that helped shape us, and an AI is limited by its programming, which is carried out by humans... At the end of the day, are any of us human or AI truly free?

4. The Beasts of Lake Oph - Tom Toner
The Ghipheth tunnels are 258 million years old, and their walls were once lined with Gleam, the most precious substance in the world. When a cave-in exposes two ancient skeletons that defy all rational explanation, Roh is sent to investigate. In the shadow of a carnivorous forest on the shores of Lake Oph, Roh encounters intrigue and danger beyond his wildest imagining...


Was 63.96 (Case Bound Hardcover) Now 35.99
Published: 25/04/2020
Pages: 372 pp.
Cover Artist: Fangorn
Typesetter: Ian Whates
Language: English
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Was 63.96 (Case Bound Hardcover) Now 35.99

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