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Books - NewCon Novella Set 3: The Martian Quartet

NewCon Novella Set 3: The Martian Quartet

by Eric Brown, Jaine Fenn, Una McCormack, Liz Williams

Signed Limited Edition hardbacks of four stand-alone novellas set in very different imaginings of Mars...

1. The Martian Job - Jaine Fenn
When Lizzie Choi receives a message from her brother telling her that he’s dead, she assumes it’s a joke. Lizzie, an employee of the powerful Everlight Corporation, already has to live under the cloud of her mother’s misdemeanours and could do without her brother, Shiv, adding further complications. By the time she realises that this is no joke and comes to understand what is being demanded of her, she knows she’s in trouble. The last thing she wants to do is travel to Mars and take Shiv’s place in a criminal undertaking, especially one of such magnitude and danger, but…

2. The Martian Simulacra - Eric Brown
The year is 1907, the setting is Baker Street, London. When the Martian Ambassador arrives at Holmes’ door seeking the Great Detective’s help in solving a grisly murder, how can he refuse? In The Martian Simulacra, award-winning author Eric Brown delivers a glorious mash-up of Sherlock Holmes and Wells' The War of the Worlds, seasoned with a dash of Conan Doyle’s The Lost World for good measure.

3. Phosphorus - Liz Williams
Far across the sands of Mars, deep within the walls of a dead city, something stirs; an awakening that threatens the return of a malice so ancient it is no longer remembered, except in darkest legend… Winterstrike is at war and the target of deadly bombardment. Even so, the last thing Canteley expects is for her mother to send her away, and in the company of her formidable aunt at that.  Aunt Sulie is a member of the ruling Matriarchy, who wrap secrets around them as thick as winter snowfall. In Phosphorus, Liz Williams returns to the harsh Mars of her critically acclaimed novels Banner of Souls (shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award) and Winterstrike, delivering a tale laden with mystery and menace, as the Red Planet’s bloody past and troubled present collide.

4. The Greatest Story Ever Told - Una McCormack
Iss, a humble kitchen slave who likes to tell stories, finds herself caught up in perhaps the greatest story of them all. Little does she imagine when she stumbles on the small rebellion of Seffish, Crith, and the other dance-fighters she admires so much, how far that rebellion will spread. Set on a strictly hierarchical Mars, Una McCormack’s The Greatest Story Ever Told is a breathless, stirring tale of bravery, love, passion, and the desire to be free.
Was £59.96 (Case Bound Hardcover) Now £49.99
Published: 21/03/2018
Dimensions: A5 (5.83 × 8.27 inches)
Pages: 438 pp.
Cover Artist: Jim Burns
Typesetter: Ian Whates
Language: English
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Was £59.96 (Case Bound Hardcover) Now £49.99

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