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Books - Standalone Novella Bundle

Standalone Novella Bundle

by Eugen Bacon, Gary Gibson, Ken MacLeod, Ian Watson

A bundle of four signed limited edition hardbacks consisting of four standalone novellas by four outstanding authors. 

Ivory's Story - Eugen Bacon (shortlisted for a BSFA Award)
In the streets of modern day Sydney a killer stalks the night, slaughtering innocents, leaving bodies mutilated. The victims seem unconnected, yet Investigating Officer Ivory Tembo is convinced the killings are anything but random. The case soon leads Ivory into places she never imagined. In order to stop the killings and save the life of the man she loves, she must reach deep into her past, uncover secrets of her heritage, break a demonís curse, and somehow unify two worlds.

Devils' Road - Gary Gibson
Pacific Rim Meets Fast and Furious. Gary Gibson, author of the Shoal Sequence (Stealing Light, Nova War, Empire of Light, and Marauder), returns with a high-octane story that opens with a prison break and builds from there, setting woman against machine against monster.Nobody has taken part in the Devilís Run as often as Dutch McGuire and lived to tell the tale. Faced with a choice between being eaten by the monstrous Kaiju that prowl the islandís devastated cities or murdered by her fellow racers, the odds against surviving another Run, let alone winning it, are slim...

Selkie Summer - Ken MacLeod
The last thing Siobhan Ross is looking for when she takes a holiday job on the Isle of Skye is romance, let alone with a Selkie, butÖ In Selkie Summer, Ken MacLeod delivers a rich contemporary fantasy that is steeped in Celtic lore, nuclear submarines and secrets, as Siobhan finds herself the focus of attention she never sought, unwittingly embroiled in political intrigue and the shifting landscape of international alliances. At its heart, Selkie Summer is a love story: as passionate and unconventional as you could wish for. 

The Monster, The Mermaid, And Doctor Mengele Ian Watson
Following the fall of the Third Reich, Doktor Josef Mengele, Hitlerís notorious ĎAngel of Deathí, fled to South America. For three decades, despite the determined efforts of governments and Nazi hunters alike, he remained at large amidst a welter of rumour, false-sightings, and misinformation. Mengele eventually drowned in 1979, whilst swimming off the coast of Bertioga in Brazil, due to a supposed heart attack. Now at last, after painstaking research, award-winning author Ian Watson reveals what really happened during the missing decades; an episode in which Herr Doktor encounters a monster that even he had believed to be a fiction.

Was £75.96 (Case Bound Hardcover) Now £65.99
Published: 19/02/2021
Dimensions: A5 (5.83 ◊ 8.27 inches)
Pages: 504 pp.
Language: English
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Was £75.96 (Case Bound Hardcover) Now £65.99

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