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Books - NewCon Novellas Set 5: The Alien Among Us

NewCon Novellas Set 5: The Alien Among Us

by Dave Hutchinson, Simon Morden, Philip Palmer, Adam Roberts

Signed limited edition hardbacks of four standalone novellas themed on the concept of aliens living among us.

1. Nomads - Dave Hutchinson
Are there really refugees from ‘elsewhere’ living among us? If so, what cataclysmic event are they fleeing from? When a high speed car chase leads Police Sergeant Frank Grant to Dronfield Farm, he finds himself the focus of unwanted attention from Internal Affairs and is faced with the prospect of things being unearthed that he would far rather stayed buried.

2. Morpho -- Phillip Palmer
When the corpse on the mortuary slab sits up and speaks to Hayley, asking for her help, she thinks she’s losing her mind. If only it were that simple… In Morpho, distinguished novelist, screenwriter, and radio dramatist Philip Palmer delivers a tense and fast-paced tale of a secret society through which the privileged govern from the shadows, of immortality bought at a horrific price, and of a rebellion that threatens to undermine the social order of our entire world. 

3. The Man Who Would Be Kling - Adam Roberts
When two strangers ask the manager at Kabul Station to take them into the Afghanizone he refuses. What sane person wouldn’t? Thought to be the result of an alien visitation, the zone is deadly. Nothing works there. Electrical items are your enemy; they malfunction or simply blow up. The pair go in anyway, and the biggest surprise is when one of them walks out again. Nobody survives the zone, so how has she?

4. Macsen Against the Jugger - Simon Morden
Two centuries after the Earth fell to enigmatic alien machines known as the Visitors, humanity survives in sparse nomadic tribes. Macsen is an adventurer, undertaking hazardous quests for the captivating Hona Loy; quests that have made him a hero. Macsen never fails, but this time he crosses the path of a Jugger, one of the deadliest of all the Visitors...
Was £63.96 (Case Bound Hardcover) Now £24.99
Published: 19/03/2019
Dimensions: A5 (5.83 × 8.27 inches)
Pages: 364 pp.
Cover Artist: Peter Hollinghurst
Language: English
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Was £63.96 (Case Bound Hardcover) Now £24.99

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