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Books - Our Savage Heart

Our Savage Heart

by Justina Robson

A series of single author collections by outstanding writers. The Polestar, or North Star, is defined as the brightest star in Ursa Minor; since every author chosen for this series is a star in their own right, Polestars provides the ideal banner under which to unite such exceptional works.

Justina Robson is rightly acclaimed as one of the most original writers of genre fiction working today. Her work has been variously shortlisted for the British Science Fiction Award, the Arthur C. Clarke Award, the Philip K. Dick Award, and the John W. Campbell Award.

This is the first collection of her short fiction and novelettes in more than a decade, and gathers together her finest stories from the past eleven years, as selected by the author.

A Game of Clones                
By Any Other Name                 
I Give You the Moon                                         
Something Exquisite               
On Skybolt Mountain                                           
Our Savage Heart Calls To Itself            
Recipes For Good Living                                   
Seat 28K                                                   

“Imaginative, intriguing, and thought-provoking, each story takes the reader into a new world where the unexpected is the norm and the characters are both believable and captivating. Highly recommended.” – LibraryThing reviewer

A Game of Clones by Justina Robson – A weird tale that could be best described as Iain M Banks meets Michael Moorcock… It is a ride and a fun one to boot!” – Runalong the Shelves

‘‘I Give You the Moon describes in good hard-SF tradition technologies for trying to clean the environment – giant machines filtering the seas, mechanical crabs scouring the seabed – but it’s also a moving tale of a boy in Africa who yearns to be a Viking.” – Gary K. Wolfe in Locus

Madswitch: A female ex-scientist takes steps to ‘correct’ her dysfunctional family. An enjoyable psychological tale of the science of horror.” – Review Graveyard

On Skybolt Mountain: The witch Lettice Beaverley has gotten herself in trouble. Here is the sort of story I’d have liked to see more of… The magic is immediately present and well-realized, its elements are credible and clearly potent, fearsomely so. And Lettice is a well-drawn character, growing slowly into her destined role. RECOMMENDED.” – Lois Tilton, Locus Online

“That wonderful poise and eloquence is what makes Robson so characteristic. There’s no one else writing who is quite as good at this as Justina Robson.” – Adam Roberts in his introduction to Heliotrope

Available as a paperback, a limited edition hardback signed by the author, and as an eBook
£13.99 (Paperback)
£26.99 (Signed HB LTD ED)
Published: 15/01/2024
Cat. Number: NCP317
Dimensions: A5 (5.83 × 8.27 inches)
Pages: 250 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-914953-66-8
Editor: Ian Whates
Cover Artist: Enrique Meseguer
Typesetter: Ian Whates
Language: English
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£13.99 (Paperback)

£26.99 (Signed HB LTD ED)

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