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Books - A Jura for Julia

A Jura for Julia

by Ken MacLeod
NewCon Press are proud to present A Jura for Julia, the first short story collection in 18 years from Ken MacLeod. This volume features his finest work from that period, as selected by the author.

The collection is further enhanced by stunning cover art from artist Fangorn, who has also provided illustrations within the book to accompany many of the stories (three of which are shown below).

Ken MacLeod is one of the finest science fiction authors writing today; politically astute, thought-provoking, and always entertaining, his work has won him many awards (BSFA, Sidewise, Prometheus, Seiun) and has been shortlisted for many more.

Fangorn is a multiple award-winning cover artist and Hollywood conceptual artist, having worked with many of the the industry’s top filmmakers – Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, etc – and on franchises including Star Wars and James Bond. 

Nineteen Eighty-Nine
Lighting Out
Wilson at Woking
The Surface of Last Scattering
The Vorkuta Event
‘The Entire Immense Superstructure’: An Installation
The Last Word
Fat Man in the Bardo
[citation needed]
The Shadow Ministers
The Excommunicates
A Jura for Julia
About the Author 


A Jura for Julia is available as a paperback ebook, and as a signed hardback limited to just 100 numbered copies, signed by the author.

In addition, there is a deluxe hardback edition, limited to just 32 copies. For this very special edition, we are producing four limited edition prints of hand-drawn sketches by Fangorn (shown below) that provide alternative illustrations to those appearing within the book:
Wilson at Woking, 
Citation Needed 1, 
Citation Needed 2, 
Each will be a limited run of just 8 prints, which Fangorn will hand-sign. One will be included in each of the 32 deluxe copies, in effect producing four very limited editions of 8 copies.

This deluxe edition is printed on high quality silk paper (115 gsm), with illustrated laminated coverboards beneath the dust jacket. Each copy is signed by the author.

When ordering, please message with your print preference. There are only a few copies of the deluxe editions remaining, with two of the options, Wilson at Woking and Citation Needed 1 already Sold Out.


£13.99 (Paperback)
£59.99 (Signed HB DLX)
£26.99 (Signed HB LTD ED)
Published: 15/08/2024
Cat. Number: NCP334
Dimensions: A5 (5.83 × 8.27 inches)
Pages: 222 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-914953-83-5
Language: English
Pre-order Paperback or Deluxe Signed Hardback or Signed Hardback Limited Edition

Available to pre-order, dispatched as soon as published.

£13.99 (Paperback)

£59.99 (Signed HB DLX)

£26.99 (Signed HB LTD ED)

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