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The Moon King

by Neil Williamson
In an island city dominated by the influence of the moon and ruled by a benevolent king, nothing has changed for centuries. But now something is disturbing the long-established patterns of life in Glassholm. Luck monkeys, forgotten technology and mysterious, whispering children abound, and three disparate people find themselves at the eye of the storm: a rebel engineer who is called upon to fix an ancient machine, a retired policeman who feels duty-bound to investigate a series of brutal murders, and an outsider artist who is drawn into the social unrest bubbling at the heart of the city under the moon.

“A truly unique fantasy, The Moon King is a mysterious, luminous read, full of intriguing characters and featuring a twisty, page-turning plot. Beautifully written and thoughtful. Sure to be one of the best debuts of this or any other year.” -- World Fantasy Award winning author Jeff Vandermeer

“The Moon King belongs in the tradition of Mervyn Peake… an elegant, eloquent inquiry into the relationship between humankind and nature and the balance between the masculine and the feminine.” -- James Lovegrove in The Financial Times

“The Moon King is literary fantasy at its best.” --  Eric Brown in The Guardian

“Part dream, part nightmare, part memory, Neil Williamson’s Glassholm is a city that hovers on the brink of violent change. Williamson has woven a story that teems with ideas and imaginative power. There is beauty in it, and strangeness, and page-turning adventure. The marvellous conceit at The Moon King’s core also conveys a powerful message about man’s relationship with nature and with his environment. The commitment shown to the characters by their creator is intense, and palpable. An intricately constructed, heartfelt novel that does its author proud.” -- Nina Allan, author of The Silver Wind

“A vivid evocation of a strange moon-ridden bipolar world that swings each month from delirium to despair, and the sort of book that creeps into your dreams.” -- Chris Beckett, author of 2013 Arthur C Clarke Award winning novel Dark Eden.

£12.99 (Paperback)
Published: 30/04/2014
Pages: 352 pp.
Cover Artist: Andy Bigwood
Language: English
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£12.99 (Paperback)

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