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Books - The Bitten Word

The Bitten Word

Tales of Vampiric Horror

by Ian Whates, Kelley Armstrong, Chaz Brenchley, Simon Clark, Storm Constantine, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Andrew Hook, John Kaiine, Nancy Kilpatrick, Tanith Lee, Gary McMahon, Gail Z. Martin, Donna Scott, Sarah Singleton, Kari Sperring, Sam Stone, Freda Warrington

Full Contents:

1. Ian Whates -- Introduction
2. Simon Clark – Vampithecus
3. Kelley Armstrong – Young Bloods
4. Sarah Singleton – A Winter’s Tale
5. Gary McMahon – Those Damned Kids
6. Andrew Hook – Red or White
7. Storm Constantine – Where the Vampires Live
8. John Kaiine – English Spoken
9. Chaz Brenchley – Hothouse Flowers
10. Nancy Kilpatrick – Traditions in Future Perfect 
11. Freda Warrington – Fall of the House of Blackwater
12. Kari Sperring – Cold Rush 
13. Tanith Lee – Taken at His Word
14. Donna Scott – Lord of the Lyceum
15. Sam Stone – Fool’s Gold
16. Jon Courtenay Grimwood – Wuthering Bites
17. Ian Whates – The Abomination of Beauty
18. Gail Z Martin – Vanities
19. Ian Watson – My Vampire Cake*   (* Available only in the signed limited edition)

From slick urban terror to murder in the streets of old London town, from the horror awaiting a doomed archaeological expedition to Vampirism in a society of sentient insects, from fey children to blighted houses, from besotted artists to mysterious goings-on during Bram Stoker’s theatrical days… A brand new collection of seventeen original stories detailing vampiric horror, murder and mystery.  Vampires as you’ve never seen them before.  

Available in an A5 paperback edition (318 pages), plus a Special Limited Edition of 150 dust-jacketed hardbacks [SOLD OUT], each copy individually numbered and signed by all the authors (334 pages).

In addition to two bespoke pages of authors’ signatures, each individually numbered, the Special Edition Hardback contains a bonus story by Ian Watson, plus an internal colour plate of Les Edwards’ fabulous back cover artwork.
£12.99 (Paperback)
Published: 15/03/2010
Pages: 334 pp.
Cover Artist: John Kaiine
Language: English
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£12.99 (Paperback)

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