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Books - Hauntings


by Ian Whates, Liz Williams, Theresa Derwin, Amanda Hemingway, Paul Kane, Kim Lakin-Smith, Tanith Lee, Alison Littlewood, Mark Morris, Marion Pitman, Marie O'Regan, Robert Shearman, Sarah Singleton, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Adele Wearing, Mark West

Have you ever felt watched by unseen eyes or imagined a caress when there is no one near to touch you…? The realm of spirits lurks just beyond our perception; some are lost, some are lonely, but others are angry, malicious, and hell-bent on vengeance against the living.  Hauntings collects fifteen original ghost stories into one terrifying bundle. Lock the doors, settle into a comfortable armchair, and prepare to be chilled…

1. Intro – Adele Wearing
2. Don’t Listen – Ian Whates
3. The Cradle in the Corner – Marie O’Regan
4. On the Grey Road – Alison Littlewood
5. Not a Cat Person – Adrian Tchaikovsky
6. Fog on the Old Coast Road – Mark West
7. Dark Peak – Kim Lakin-Smith
8. The Things I See – Theresa Derwin
9. Presence – Paul Kane
10. Starcross – Liz Williams
11. Forward and Back, Change Places – Marion Pitman
12. Long Dene Mill – Sarah Singleton
13. The White Otter – Amanda Hemingway
14. The Ghost (In Two Letters) – Tanith Lee
15. The Scariest Place in the World – Mark Morris
16. Simon Harries – Robert Shearman 
17. About the Authors

Available as an A5 paperback and a Special hardback edition limited to just 100 numbered copies, signed by all the authors.

Published: 10/06/2012
Cat. Number: NCP051
Pages: 208 pp.
ISBN: 9781907069420
Editor: Ian Whates
Cover Artist: Ben Baldwin
Typesetter: Ian Whates
Language: English

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