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Time Pieces

by Ian Whates, Liz Williams, Stephen Baxter, Steve Cockayne, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Mark Robson, Sarah Singleton, Ian Watson

Where it all began. Intended to be a one-off book published as a fund raiser, Time Pieces was released as a signed limited edition paperback, printed on high-quality paper, in a limited run of 500. Within six months the book had largely sold out, and within a year there were no copies remaining.

1. Introduction                                                                   

2. Caer Cold – Liz Williams          

3. State Your Name – Jon Courtenay Grimwood 

4. The Disappeared – Sarah Singleton   

5. The Globe of the Genius – Ian Watson    

6. Minstrels’ Fold – Steve Cockayne 

7. A Very British Paranorm – Stephen Baxter  

8. The Chalice – Mark Robson    

9. It’s About Time! – Ian Whates 

Published: 15/11/2006
Editor: Ian Whates
Cover Artist: Fangorn
Language: English

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