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The Ion Raider

Book Two of The Dark Angels

by Ian Whates

As Corbin Drake receives his most unusual assignment for First Solar yet – one which he suspects is a trap but knows he can’t refuse – his former crew, the notorious brigands known as the Dark Angels, are being hunted down one by one and murdered. Determined to find those responsible before they find her, Leesa teams up with Jen, another former Dark Angel, and together they set out to thwart the mysterious organization known as Saflik, little dreaming where that path will lead them.

Praise for Pelquin’s Comet:

“This novel is a good, unashamed, rip-roaring piece of space opera that hits the spot…” – The Financial Times

“Classic space opera at its finest, a satisfying and enjoyable novel in its own right and an intriguing introduction to a story universe I want to visit again. Thoroughly recommended.” – SFcrowsnest 

“One of the most enjoyable Sci-fi books of the year, fast-moving, full of character, great fun.” – Adrian Tchaikovsky, Arthur C. Clarke Award winning author

“A natural story-teller, Whates works his material with verve, obvious enjoyment, and an effortlessly breezy prose style.” – The Guardian

“Intrigue and action in this high octane collision between Firefly, the Bourne films and Indiana Jones. A two-fisted SF adventure, space opera as it should be written!” – Gavin Smith, author of Veteran

“Whates’ space opera hits all the right notes.” – Simon Morden, Philip K Dick Award-winning author 
£24.99 (Signed Hardback, LTD ED)
Published: 01/05/2017
Cat. Number: NCP118
Pages: 242 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-910935-38-5
Cover Artist: Jim Burns
Language: English
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£24.99 (Signed Hardback)

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