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Ian Watson

Ian Watson moved to leafy Asturias half way along the top of Spain 10 years ago when he and supertranslator, author, and festival director Cristina Macía married. They organised the 2016 European SF Convention right in the beating heart of Barcelona. Also published that year was Ian’s most recent story collection, The 1000 Year Reich (NewCon Press). A merry ‘spacetime opera’ and a jaunty ‘spacetime pantomime’ appeared in 2016 and 2019 (from PS), entitled The Brain From Beyond and The Trouble With Tall Ones. A grand finale is threatened, the ‘spacetime melodrama’ Mayhem on the Moon. For their 50th anniversary, Spain’s biggest book club invited Cristina and Ian to collaborate on a colourful historical cookbook, 50 recetas con nombre, collecting 50 dishes bearing the names of persons such as Parmentier Potatoes. Ian’s favourite food is Gulas fried with garlic and peppers. (These are sea-worms, not a typo for goulash.) Ian's work has been shortlisted for numerous awards and has won two BSFA Awards as well as France's Prix Apollo.

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