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Karen McCreedy

Karen McCreedy has been a sci-fi fan since watching ‘Thunderbirds’ and ‘Captain Scarlet’ as a child. Karen has had short stories published in anthologies by Fiction Brigade (2012, e-book), Zharmae Publishing (‘RealLies’, 2013), Audio Arcadia (‘On Another Plane’, 2015), Luna Station Publishing (‘Luna Station Quarterly’ December 2015), Horrified Press (‘Killer Tracks’ and ‘Waiting’, both 2015; and ‘Crossroads’, 2016), and Reflex Fiction (‘Voicemail’, 2017). She also won second prize in Writers’ News magazine’s ‘Comeuppance’ competition in 2014 with her short story ‘Hero’. Her first novel, ‘Unreachable Skies’ is due to be published in 2018 by Mirror World Publishing. Her non-fiction articles have appeared in a number of magazines and online.

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