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Anne Leinonen

Anne Leinonen (b. 1973) is a multiple-award-winning, author, tutor, and editor of Finnish science fiction and fantasy. Her short stories have been published in magazines and anthologies, and they have won several Atorox awards. Her science fiction novels, such as Viivamaalari (The Line Painter) and Ilottomien ihmisten kylš (The Village), have received considerable critical acclaim, as has the trilogy she wrote in collaboration with Eija Lappalainen, Routasisarukset (The Frost Siblings).

In addition to writing YA and adult fiction, she has recently started to work on audio and television drama. Leinonen moves fluently between science fiction and fantasy. Her stories deal with the themes of otherness and unfamiliarity, as well as the problems between a community and the individual.

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