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Danie Ware

Danie Ware is a single working Mum with long-held interests in role-playing, re-enactment, vinyl art toys and personal fitness. She went to an all all-boys’ public school, has a halfway decent English degree, and spent most of her twenties clobbering her friends with an assortment of steel cutlery. These days, she juggles raising her son and writing books with working for Forbidden Planet (London) Ltd., where she runs their events calendar and social media profile. In those rare times when she's not writing, working, or on manoeuvres with her son, she usually falls over exhausted. Danie is the author of the critically acclaimed Ecko series, published by Titan Books, the Award-winning Children of Artifice, published by FoxSpirit, and numerous short stores. She also writes WarHammer 40k Sisters of Battle for the Black Library and Judge Anderson for Rebellion Publishing. She lives in south London, with her son and two cats

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